Add, edit and remove price points

Learn how to add, change, and remove prices for your products

Different prices can be configured for each product and variations you sell. This can be done by creating pricing tiers and price points. You can learn more about pricing tiers and price points here.

In this article, we'll cover:

Add a new price point.

Price points can be set per  Pricing Tier via your Product and Variation pages. 

To add a price point:

1. Navigate to your product or variation detail page ( How do I find a product detail page?)

2. Scroll down to your Pricing section. For the pricing tier for which you wish to add a price point, click the edit (pencil) icon that appears for each price.

4. Click the Update button to save the price.

Note: To bulk import price points, please see  How do I import my price points?

Edit or remove a price point.

Please repeat the same steps above to edit or remove your price point. When removing it, enter the price as 0 and then click Update.

Price Point management is available for subscribers on our STUDIO plans and above.

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