Add, edit, or remove a variation.

Learn how to add, make changes, or remove a variation.

Variations are useful for tracking small differences in your products - you can import these automatically from your integrations or can create these manually when required.

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In this article, we'll cover

Add a new variation

To add a new Variation:

  1. Go to your product page ( How do I find my product page?)
  2. Click the Variations tab.

  1. On the Variations page, click the  Add Variation button in the top right hand corner

  1. Configure the Variation Attributes you wish to use for this variation. To add a new attribute, click the + Add Attribute link immediately below the selection boxes.

  1. Set the Regular Sale Price for this variation. This will be used to calculate pricing guidance and will automatically populate when you create new Orders for this variation.

  1. Click the  Save button to create the Variation.

Variation Attributes are configured for a Manufacture or Order Item.

Edit a Variation

To edit a Variation:

  1. Navigate to the Variation's detail page ( How do I find a Variation?)
  2. Click on the Edit Details button in the top right-hand corner of the page

Name, SKU, notes, and base price can all be edited via this page. 

Note: Configured variation attributes cannot be changed. If you need to change the attributes, you'll want to remove this variation and re-add it with the correct attributes.

Remove a variation

Variation can be deleted only if it is not associated with orders, manufactures, or recipes. 

To delete a Variation:

  1. Navigate to the Variation page ( How do I find a variation page?)
  2. Click the  menu on the left-hand side of the variation name
  3. In the menu that appears, click the Remove Variation option.

Suppose you want to remove a variation because this combination is no longer being sold. In that case, it is advised that you leave this variation in place, as merging, moving, or removing data will impact your inventory and costings.

If you would like to remove a variation due to it being a duplicate, this is most likely due to duplicated variation attributes. Review your variation attributes and merge them where necessary to fix this issue. Variations will, in this case, be automatically merged as part of this process.

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