About variation attributes

Learn how to configure and import variation attributes for your products.

Variation Attributes are the configuration properties available for your product.

Each attribute contains one or more Variation Attribute Values.

The Woodland Creatures Sweatshirt Product has two customization options: Size and Motif. In Craftybase, the Variation Attributes could be:

Motif: Grasshopper | Ladybird

Size: Small | Medium | Large

Specific combinations of Variation Attributes are considered Variations in Craftybase.

A Variation of the  Woodland Creatures Sweatshirt Product is Size: Small | Motif: Grasshopper

To add new Variation Attributes, please see How do I add a new Variation Attribute?

Viewing all variation attributes configured for a product

To find the Variation Attributes page for a product:

  1. Navigate to the product page (How do I find my product page?)
  2. Click the Variations tab.

  3. On the page that appears, click the Manage Attributes button.

  4. The list that appears is your Variation Attributes page for this product.

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