Can I track inventory for GMP purposes using Craftybase?

Craftybase offers features that allow for tracking your exact material usage from purchase to sale. This is ideal for situations in which full manufacturing activity is required to be logged, such as for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

To achieve full traceability within Craftybase, you'll want to ensure that you create and add Lot Numbers to all purchases and manufactures that you enter into the system (How do I track Lot Numbers for my materials?).

In order to track your manufactures then through to sale, you can link your orders with the exact manufacture that created the product sold. More information about this feature can be found here: How do I link a Manufacture with an Order?

Our Material Traceability Report can then be used to create a full traceability summary of material usage, displaying all purchases, manufactures and orders that have involved a particular lot of a material.

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