Connect WooCommerce with Craftybase

Learn how Craftybase imports your WooCommerce data.

This article will guide you through how to connect to WooCommerce, and what types of data we can import into your Craftybase account.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that’s a great affordable option for online handmade sellers - it powers 29% of the e-commerce websites all across the world.

Our WooCommerce ➝ Craftybase integration allows you to import your products and orders from this channel, so that you can be sure that your inventory levels are always automatically factoring in sales from this source.

Craftybase imports products and orders from WooCommerce using the WooCommerce API. 

Connect to WooCommerce

To connect your Craftybase account, follow the directions in our help article:  Connect your WooCommerce sales channel »

It is recommended that you always create your products on WooCommerce where possible and then import them to create as products in Craftybase. This means that your external references will be correct from the start and you will not need to do any merging between your manually created products and imported ones.

WooCommerce Products

Products on your WooCommerce store will be imported as both Products and Listings in Craftybase. More details on the rules we apply can be found here: How does Craftybase import products from my sales channels?

WooCommerce Variations

WooCommerce Variable Products are imported into Craftybase as Variations. All Attributes configured as part of your variable products are imported as Variation Attributes in Craftybase.

WooCommerce Orders

We apply the following logic depending on the current status we find on the Order:

Status Imported to Craftybase? Marked as Paid? Marked as Shipped? Notes
 DRAFT No - - Orders marked as Draft will not be imported.
 PENDING No - - Orders marked as Pending will not be imported.
FAILED No - - Orders marked as Failed will not be imported.
PROCESSING Yes No No This status is when the Order is being processed and does not indicate if the order has been paid or shipped.
ON-HOLD Yes Maybe Maybe This status is when the Order has been set to on-hold by the store owner and is a workflow indicator so it may be paid or shipped depending on the order attributes.
COMPLETED Yes Yes No This status will occur when an Order has been paid and shipped to the customer.
CANCELLED Yes Yes No When an Order is imported with this status, it will be  automatically cancelled in Craftybase.
REFUNDED Yes Yes No This is when the invoice is refunded through WooCommerce. In this case, an adjustment will be added to the Order containing the amount refunded back to the customer. No adjustments will be made to stock - any returned stock will need to be  adjusted manually.

Payment dates will be taken from when the payment was recorded by the associated payment gateway.

Shipping dates will be taken from when an order has been marked as completed.

Order Refunds

If you issue a refund for a WooCommerce order when this order has next updated an adjustment will be applied to the order containing the amount refunded. This will appear in your Order totals area under "Adjustment".

If you have had stock returned to you as part of this refund, we will cancel the order line item returned to you and increase your stock quantity to include the returned item.

If you have partially refunded a WooCommerce order and the customer has also returned/exchanged a product in the sale, then you will also need to adjust your inventory in order to account for this. You can either add inventory adjustments to account for the changes in stock or alternatively if you would like the order to correctly represent the new items you can remove the entire order and manually add it again with the new items.

WooCommerce Fees

No gateway payment data is imported as part of this sales channel integration.

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