How do I update an imported PayPal order?

If you have made changes to your PayPal Invoice and wish to have the changes reflected in Craftybase it is currently not possible to resync, however you can remove the imported order and then import the date range containing the order.

E.g. I have modified my PayPal Invoice (dated 13 April 2016) to decrease the quantity of an item ordered. This order has already been imported into Craftybase, so I should delete this order, then perform an import with the date range 13 April 2016 - 13 April 2016. This will then find the order with the latest details and recreate it.

If you have linked any expenses to the order, you will be asked on the confirm delete page what you would like to do with them. If kept, they will be marked as unassociated: if you wish to reconnect them again with the newly updated order you will need to manually associate them again.

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