Connect a PayPal account to Craftybase

To connect your PayPal account with Craftybase: 

1. Go to your Sales Channel page ( How do I find my Sales Channels page?)

2. Click the Add PayPal button under the PayPal section. 

3. A choice of two different PayPal account options will appear - select the one you wish to connect then click the Connect button. You can connect as many of each type as you like under this sales channel- you will just need to go through all steps listed in this article for each account you wish to connect. PayPal Invoicing will import any Invoices created within PayPal, whilst PayPal Here will import any transactions generated via the PayPal Card Reader.  More information about how we import from PayPal »

4. This will take you across to PayPal where it will ask you to grant access permission to Craftybase. The authentication page will appear slightly differently depending on which connection you are requesting. Please note: we always attempt to request the absolute minimum amount of access that we require in order to provide our service to you - you can revoke this access at any point in time.

5. Once the connection has been made, you will be taken back to the Sales Channel page and your PayPal account name will appear along with your next scheduled import. 

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