How does Craftybase import sales from PayPal Buy Now buttons?

Currently, we don't automatically import sales made via a Buy Now button. However, if you have configured your Buy Now button to also generate an Invoice as it will be imported via our PayPal Invoices import.

To configure your Buy Now button to generate Invoices, follow the instructions below:

1. Login to your PayPal account

2. Follow the directions outlined in this PayPal article: Creating and Implementing a Basic Buy Now button until you get to point 5. 

3. Open the panel named Step 3: Customise advanced features (optional)

4. In the Advanced Variables section, add paymentaction=order in the textbox that appears. This will ensure that PayPal will always treat every sale made via the button as an order with an invoice.

5. Click the Create Button to generate the code for your Buy Now button.

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