How does Craftybase import PayPal Here sales?

PayPal Here sales are imported in a couple of different ways, depending on how they were generated. Most will appear as Invoices and are thus imported as part of our  PayPal Invoices import. Some however do not appear as Invoices, so we try to import these via your Transactions feed.

For most PayPal Here orders, customer data will not be imported directly into the order so it will instead be linked to the PayPal Here contact by default. The customer name if provided at the point of transaction will however appear in your order notes, so you can  edit your order to add any customer details you wish once it has been imported.

PayPal Here does not offer a product API, so product details are derived from the order itself. 

If you have products created in PayPal Here that have not yet had a sale, they will not appear in Craftybase until we register a sale has been made.

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