Recipe troubleshooting

My recipe prices are zero

Every Material in the Batch Recipe that you wish to have counted towards the total material price needs to be categorized as Inventoriable. This is to ensure that things that you use but don’t use up (like scissors, or other equipment) in the production of the product don’t get counted in the total material cost.

If you do want to add a non inventoriable material to the product as a cost, add it via the Expenses section instead of the batch recipe.

I have too many variations to create recipes

If you have a large number of variations for your products, this can make the task of creating recipes quite time consuming. 

Firstly, it's important to decide if you require recipes at all: recipes are not an essential part of Craftybase as they are only used as a template to populate your manufactures with your material lists automatically. You can instead decide to create your recipe usage directly on your manufactures and ignore the recipe feature entirely. 

If you sell the same products over and over, recipes however may be a good idea to set up in the long run as it will speed up your workflow (and if you have a simple manufacturing process and make your products on the same day that your order is received, you might like to use auto-manufacturing to automate some of this also).

An option for this approach to create your recipes only as new combinations are sold, with the aim to eventually have the majority/most popular of your variations covered.

Tip: You can also speed up your recipe creation by configuring common materials to all variations first as your product level recipe - this will automatically be populated into each variation recipe for you.

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