Troubleshooting your Craftybase account

In this article, you'll find steps to troubleshoot basic issues you may encounter. Don't see your question here? Contact our support team, and we'll be happy to help! 

We'll Cover:

I have forgotten my password and can't log in!

Check out the steps to reset your password here: Resetting your password.

I'm having trouble importing my CSV file - what should I do?

You can find some steps to troubleshoot your CSV import here: CSV import troubleshooting.

Nothing happens when I click Export on my Materials/Products/Expenses. What is happening?

When you click Export, your file should appear within a couple of minutes in your Notifications. If it doesn't appear, let our support team know!

I'm having trouble adding an image - what can I do?

Your image may be too large or may be an unsupported file type. You'll want to check the steps to troubleshoot this issue here: Image upload troubleshooting.

My page won't load or is taking a long time to load. What should I do?

Sometimes, your internet browser will hang onto old data, and you may need to refresh your cache. The steps to clear your cache can differ by browser; you can see the steps for some commonly used browsers below:

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