About order material costing

The total value of your materials in an order is calculated using a  Weighted Average Cost calculation on your inventory adjustments for each of your order items in the order. This allows Craftybase to "look back" at any point in your history of the product / variation and determine with high accuracy the manufacture cost for the product on an exact date.

The Materials Cost is a tally of all materials directly used in the production of your goods and does not include any internal labor costs. 

Linking a manufacture directly to an order has no impact on the material cost applied to the order.

Shipped Date

When the Order is marked with a Shipped Date, it is this date that is used to pinpoint the manufacture value which is then assigned as a cost to your order line item and moved out of your material inventory. While the order is unshipped, the material cost will always be zero as it is up to this point included in your raw material inventory totals.

Manufacture History

If an order item does not yet have a manufacture history, then it will have a material cost of zero until the adjustment history is added. Adding in the missing backdated manufactures will automatically recalculate all adjustments and thus all order material costs relating to it.

For detailed troubleshooting advice on how to rectify uncosted orders, please see the article here: Why is my order cost zero?

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