Add, change or remove a stocktake

Learn how to add, make changes to, or remove a stocktake.

Stocktaking is essentially the act of physically counting your material and product stock. 

Create a stocktake 🔖

To add a Stocktake:

1. Hover your mouse over the ⋮ icon located in your top navigation menu

2. Select Stocktakes from the options

3. Click the Add Stocktake button on the list page that appears.

Changing a stocktake  🔖

Only notes and code fields can be edited for a Stocktake once it has been generated. If your entered physical counts are incorrect, you'll want to remove the Stocktake and create a new one. This will ensure that all adjustments entered as part of the stocktake are reverted and your stock levels are returned to the correct pre-stocktake levels.

Remove a stocktake 🔖

To delete a Stocktake:

1. Navigate to your Stocktakes page

2. Hover your mouse over the ⋮ next to the stocktake code

3. Select Cancel Stocktake from the options that appear.

Note: Cancelling a stocktake will remove any inventory adjustments that have been made for the materials involved.

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