Add, edit or remove a product stocktake

Add, edit, or remove a product stocktake.

Stocktaking is the act of physically counting your product stock. The stocktaking feature is used to record regular physical counts of your stock so you can compare them to the counts calculated by Craftybase.

This is an important task to undertake regularly to ensure that your manufacturing process is efficient and accurate. 

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Create a stocktake

To add a Stocktake:

  1. Hover your mouse over the ⋮ icon located in your top navigation menu/
  2. Select Stocktakes from the options.

  3. Click the Add Stocktake button on the list page that appears.

  4. When you get to the New Stocktake page, you will be able to choose whether you want to do a stocktake for your products or materials. You can also choose how you want the system to generate your stocktake list by choosing All or Random. There is also a field labeled Total Count Size where you can limit your stocktake count to a specific size.

    If you choose Random, you can select which categories you want the system to pull from. This option is good if you are taking periodic cycle counts. All is good if you want something more comprehensive.

  5. After clicking Generate Items to Stocktake, you will be directed to this page. You will enter your actual quantities and then click the double checkmark button to finalize it. 

    You will see different statuses depending on how much difference there is between what Craftybase calculated and the actual quantities you have entered.

To learn more about Craftybase's stocktake accuracy ratings, head here: Stocktake Accuracy Ratings.

Changing a stocktake

Only notes and code fields can be edited for a Stocktake once it has been generated. If the physical counts you entered are incorrect, you'll want to remove the Stocktake and create a new one. This will ensure that all adjustments entered as part of the stocktake are reverted and your stock levels are returned to the correct pre-stocktake levels.

Removing a stocktake

To delete a Stocktake:

  1. Navigate to your Stocktakes page
  2. Hover your mouse over the ⋮ next to the stocktake code
  3. Select Cancel Stocktake from the options that appear.

NOTE: Cancelling a stocktake will remove any inventory adjustments that have been made for the products involved.

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