Archiving products

Learn how to remove products from your lists and searches 

If you wish to remove a product from all views and searches, the recommended approach is to archive it. Archiving a product will set the status of your product to Archived and will then remove it from your lists and searches. It is useful for situations where you no longer actively make or sell a product but you'd still like to keep historical data available but not visible.

Products can be archived as a bulk action on your products list page or individually on the product edit page.

From the Products list page:

1. Click the checkbox to the left of all products you wish to archive

2. From the Batch menu directly below the list, select Archived from the dropdown

3. Click the Update button to perform the action.

From an individual product summary page:

1. Follow the instructions in  How do I edit a Product? to get to your product edit form

2. On the form that appears, click on the Additional Details heading 

3. Find the dropdown labelled State and select Archived from the list

4. Click the Save Product button to confirm the changes.

When a product is archived, all data associated with the product will remain in place (i.e. orders, expenses, listings) and it will also still be factored into costings, reports and calculations.

Once archived, a product can be accessed via the Archived filter on your Product List page. It can be unarchived at any time by changing its status back to either Draft or Active.

Unarchive a product

To unarchive a product, follow these steps:

1) Navigate to your products page by clicking on the Products tab.

3) Select the product that you wish to unarchive from the list.

4) Select Edit Product on the top right.

When you reactivate an archived product that has variations, only the base product will be reinstated. You will need to reactivate these variations manually.

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