About order manufacturing

Order manufacture tracking is an optional feature of Craftybase that you can use to track and set the manufacture status of individual orders.

To use this feature, ensure that you have the Order Manufacture tracking switched on.

When this feature is enabled, a new column will be visible on your order list page to show if the order has been marked as manufactured. You can also filter your list by manufactured status via the options on the right hand side of the page.

Each order will also display the manufactured date as part of your summary status timeline presented at the top of your order details page.

Marking an order as manufactured

To mark an order as manufactured:

1. Navigate to the edit page for your order (Learn how to edit an order).

2. On the form that appears, select the date it was manufactured in the Manufactured Date box.

3. Click the Save Order button.

Orders are automatically marked as manufactured when shipped, however they will be missing a manufacture date - if you wish to enter a manufacture date after the order has been shipped, you follow the instructions above to do this.

If all order line items are linked with manufactures, the order will also be marked as manufactured automatically.

Manufacture dates can also be  bulk updated from the Order List page.

If you don't wish to track your manufactured status, you can switch off this feature via your Settings pages.

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