About purchase categories

Learn about how to categorize your purchases to create more fine-grained reporting options.

Each one of the purchases you add to Craftybase can be classified with a category. This allows you to group together similar costs for reporting.

Learn more about how purchases work in Craftybase →

As a starting point, we provide you with a number of preconfigured categories in the system available to use however from here you can reconfigure and create your own to match your own specific requirements. 

Your Material category is the default category you'll use to track purchases of raw materials you purchase to create your products. Any purchases added to this category will be automatically included in your inventory and will thus be included in your COGS calculations.  

All other categories can be optionally used to track (overhead) expenses. Learn more about how to track overhead expenses →.

Default purchase categories

The default purchase categories we create for each Craftybase account are as follows:

Code Name Associated Type
MATERIAL Materials Material
COMMISSION Commissions and Fees Other
ADVERTISING Advertising Other
OFFICE Office Expenses Other
REPAIRS Repairs and Maintenance Other
OTHER Other Expenses Other
POSTAGE Postage Other
TRAVEL Travel Other
EQUIPMENT Tools and Equipment Other

These categories are locked, which means that they cannot be removed or merged together. They can however be renamed (it's important to note however that the unique code needs to remain the same). 

Adding a new purchase category

You can add as many purchase categories as you need. Categories can be added when creating a new purchase, or you can create these directly in your Categories pages.

To add a category via the Categories area:

  1. Hover your mouse over the slider icon in the main menu and choose Categories in the dropdown menu that appears.
  2. Select the tab called "Purchases"
  3. Click Add Category and give it a unique code, name, description, or color.
  4. Click Save.
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