About the Purchase Categories report

The Purchase Categories report shows you a categorized breakdown of billed expenses logged in the specified period. 

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How to find this report:

  1. Navigate to your Reports page

  2. Click on the Purchase Categories report under the Purchases heading.

To run this report:

  1. Select the date range you wish to view from the Date Range boxes.
  2. Select the Display type of purchases you wish to return: 
  1. Click the Run Report button.

As tax, shipping, and discounts are proportioned across items within expenses, this can result in amounts that are calculated to 4 decimal places. All amounts shown in the display and print versions of this report are rounded to 2 decimal places for display purposes; however, if you need more precision in your tallies, your CSV download will contain the values to 4 decimal places.

This report can be downloaded as a print-friendly PDF or a CSV in a spreadsheet for further analysis.

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