Updating materials via CSV

Material attributes can be updated in bulk via the Material Bulk Update feature. This feature allows you to update materials from a spreadsheet file at a time. 

The Bulk Update feature is available only on STUDIO and above subscription plans.

To use the Material Bulk Updater:

  1. Go to your Materials page and apply searches or filters to generate the materials you want to update.

  2. Click the Export button in the top right of the list.

  3. Make a copy of the file that downloads to have a backup in case you wish to revert your changes.
  4. Open and edit the CSV file in your spreadsheet program.
  5. Export your file to CSV format (How do I export my spreadsheet as CSV?).
  6. Return to your Materials page and hover over the ⋮ icon next to the header. Next, select the Bulk Update Materials option in the menu.

Material attributes that can be imported by the bulk updater are:

Material attributes that the bulk updater can import are:

Note: Component and non-inventoriable materials cannot be updated via the bulk updater.

  • SKU: Your SKU is your unique code identifier for the material.
  • Name: The title of your product.
  • Category: The category name for the material will be created automatically if this category does not yet exist.
  • Tracking Unit: The unit of measurement you manufacture. For more information on Tracking Units, please see What is a Material Tracking Unit?.
  • Purchase Unit: This is the unit you typically purchase in. It can be the same as your Tracking Unit. For more information on Purchase Units, please see  What is a Material Purchase Unit?
  • Purchase to Tracking Unit Conversion: Your Purchase to Tracking Unit Conversion allows you to nominate the number of tracking units in a single purchase unit. More information on how this works can be found here: How does the Purchase to Tracking Unit Conversion work?.
  • Low Stock Limit: This is the lowest level of your stock for this material before it is marked as "low stock."
  • State: Allows materials to be set as Active or Archived.
  • Starting Quantity: The stock units on hand as of your account start date.
  • Starting Unit Cost: The unit cost of all stock on hand as of your account start date.
  • Bin Location Zone: The Zone component of your BIN location code.
  • Bin Location Section: The Section component of your BIN location code.
  • Bin Location Position: The Position component of your BIN location code.

Fields that cannot be updated:

It isn't possible to update the following attributes via the bulk updater as these are calculated automatically by Craftybase:

  • Unit Cost
  • Actual Unit Cost
  • Stock on Hand
  • Stock Status
  • Inventoriable Component
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