Updating materials via CSV

Material attributes can be updated in bulk via the Material Bulk Update feature. This feature allows you to update materials at a time from a spreadsheet file. 

The Bulk Update feature is available only on STUDIO and above subscription plans.

To use the Material Bulk Updater:

  1. Go to your Materials page and apply searches or filters to generate the list of materials you would like to update.
  2. Click the Export button in the top right of the list.
  3. Make a copy of the file that downloads so that you have a backup in case you wish to revert your changes
  4. Open and edit the CSV file in your spreadsheet program.
  5. Export your file back into CSV format ( How do I export my spreadsheet as CSV?).
  6. Return to your Materials page and hover over the ⋮ icon that appears next to the header. Next, select the Bulk Update Materials option that appears in the menu.

Updatable Attributes

Material attributes that can be imported by the bulk updater are:

SKU Your SKU is your unique code identifier for the material.

Name The title of your product

Category The category name for the material, this will be created automatically if this category does not yet exist.

Tracking Unit The unit of measurement you manufacture in. For more information on Tracking Units, please see What is a Material Tracking Unit?.

Purchase Unit This is the unit you typically purchase in. It can be the same as your Tracking Unit. For more information on Purchase Units, please see  What is a Material Purchase Unit?

Purchase to Tracking Unit Conversion Your Purchase to Tracking Unit Conversion allows you to nominate the number of tracking units are in a single purchase unit. More information on how this works can be found here: How does the Purchase to Tracking Unit Conversion work?.

Low Stock Limit This is the lowest level your stock for this material before it is marked as "low stock".

State Allows materials to be set as Active or Archived.

Starting Quantity The units of stock on hand as at your account start date.

Starting Unit Cost The unit cost of all stock on hand as at your account start date.

Bin Location: Zone: The Zone component of your BIN location code.

Bin Location: Section: The Section component of your BIN location code.

Bin Location: Position: The Position component of your BIN location code.

Note: Component and non-inventoriable materials cannot be updated via the bulk updater.

It isn't possible to update the following attributes via the bulk updater as these are calculated automatically by Craftybase:

Unit Cost

Actual Unit Cost

Stock on Hand

Stock Status

Inventoriable Component

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