About product bundling

Learn how to track your inventory of sets or bundles using components.

Bundles and sets can be structured in Craftybase using components to handle the production of each individual product in the set. This allows you to create infinite combinations of your products.

For a detailed step-by-step with screenshots on how to structure your products to create bundles, please see our Introduction to Product Bundles tutorial.

Example: I sell soaps as both individual bars ( Lemon and Rose) and part of a set.

In order to combine my soaps in sets, I would firstly create each of my individual bars as components:

1. Lemon Soap
2. Rose Soap

Each of these components would contain the recipe of materials used to create a batch. When I make a batch of this soap, I will be manufacturing this component to increase stock of my soap as a material. As the finished soaps can now be treated as an input material, I can use this as an ingredient in any of my products.

The next step from here is to create the following products:

1. Lemon Soap
2. Rose Soap
3. Soap Set

The component material then needs to be added to the recipe for each product to represent the item sold. For example, the  Lemon Soap needs to contain a recipe containing the Lemon Soap component. The Soap Set product needs a recipe containing the Lemon Soap and Rose Soap.

From here, whenever you make a new batch of your soaps you will be manufacturing your component. To increase stock of your products, you'll want to create a manufacture of the product - this will decrease your component stock and increase your product on hand stock.

Automanufacturing bundles

Your bundle workflow can then also be completely automated using the auto-manufacture feature if required. To auto-manufacture your product whenever an order is placed for the product, you'll want to set this on the product. To also automate the component manufacture, you'll want to ensure that this is set on the component in each product recipe in your set.

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