About stock management

Learn more about how Craftybase calculates your real-time stock levels

Once you have your initial stock levels in place for your account start date, Craftybase will automatically adjust your real-time stock levels whenever you make a change to them. For example, creating an order will automatically decrease your product stock on hand; whereas adding a manufacture will deduct all materials used to produce the item.

We'll cover: 

Perpetual stock tracking

All stock calculations in Craftybase use a perpetual method. Your starting adjustment, along with all manufactures, orders, and adjustments are used to calculate your present-day stock on hand level. 

Craftybase does this by keeping a record of every stock change that occurs from your account start date - these changes are recorded as adjustments. 

Backdating to an earlier start date

It is possible to start your tracking earlier than the current date. To do this, you'll want to set your account start date to the new date, then enter in all stock changes between this date and the current date.

Product stock levels

Product stock levels are decreased when you add an order for the item and increased when you manufacture the item. Read more about how product stock levels work here.

Material stock levels

Material stock levels are decreased when you manufacture a product containing the material and increased when you create a purchase for the material. Read more about how material stock levels work here.

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