About pricing guidance

Our pricing guidance feature calculates estimated sale prices based on your product's current material and labor cost, using the percentage markups you have configured per Pricing Tier and any additional overhead amounts you have configured.

More details on how percentage pricing markups work can be found in our blog post  How to calculate pricing markups for your handmade products

Tip: If you have a pricing tier called "Etsy," the pricing guidance will automatically factor in listing, transaction, and Direct Checkout fees.

Example: Jane makes a "Star charm bracelet," which she sells at her market stall on the weekends and through her Etsy shop. She creates this as a product in Craftybase and creates a recipe to calculate the material costs involved in making the bracelet. She finds that making one bracelet costs her $17 in materials. She has set her labor rate to $6.50 / hour and calculates on average, it takes her 2 hours to make. This results in a total manufacture cost per bracelet of $17 + $13 = $30.

Jane has already pre-configured her Pricing in Craftybase to be Etsy at 150%

and Market as 100%. Under the Pricing section on her product page, she should see a recommended price for Etsy of $75.00 and a recommended price for Market of $60.00.

These suggestions will be constantly recalculated with our latest information about your recipe. If your material costs increase, your pricing suggestions will also increase.

Important: Our pricing guidance is designed to ensure that you factor in your manufacturing costs to your prices. Remember that our pricing guidance should always be treated as such - you may need to assess your actual pricing using several different factors depending on your product range.

Locating your product's pricing guidance

To find your pricing guidance for a product:

  1. Navigate to your product page (How do I find my product page?)

  1. Scroll down until you see the Pricing heading.

  1. Under this heading, you should see your estimated prices for each Pricing Tier you have configured.
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