How do I connect my Shopify account?

To connect your Shopify account with Craftybase:

1. Go to your Sales Channel page ( How do I find my Sales Channels page?)

2. On the page that appears, click the Add Account button in the Shopify section.

3. Enter your Shopify Storefront URL in the textbox that appears. This is your default Shopify storefront address in the format (How do I find my Shopify Storefront URL?)

4. Click the Connect button. This will take you through the authentication process on the Shopify side.

5. Once the connection has been made, you will be taken back to the Sales Channel page and your Shopify account name will appear along with your next scheduled import. 

Your first scheduled import will automatically run at approximately 5am in your time zone and will import the last 3 months of data. If you wish to set your own start date for the imported data, you can choose to import immediately from this sales channel by clicking the  Fetch Now link.

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