About product inventory adjustments

Learn how stock adjustments to products work in Craftybase.

An inventory adjustment is made for a product whenever something happens that causes the stock level to change. When an order is created for a product, this will create an adjustment to remove the amount sold from your inventory. When a manufacture is created, an adjustment for the amount made will be created. 

It is also possible to create add your own inventory adjustments to handle any stock changes unrelated to orders and manufactures – this is the recommended way to track breakages and loss. 

Note: Stock should not be increased using inventory adjustments as it will be costed as zero.

Adjustment history

It's important to review the adjustment history for your products often to identify any entries that need correcting. 

Viewing the adjustment history for a product

To view a list of all adjustments (both automatically created and manually created) for a product:

  1. From the Products list page, click on the name of the product
  2. On the page that appears, click the Adjustments tab

Viewing the adjustment history for all products

All inventory adjustments for products can be found on your  Product Adjustments page. On this page, you can view, paginate and export your adjustments for further analysis.

To find your product adjustments page:

1. Hover on the  ... menu option in the top navigation bar

2. Click on the  Adjustments option in the menu that appears.

Starting adjustments

Starting stock levels can be set via your product's starting adjustment. This tells Craftybase how much of the product you had on hand on your account start date.

Starting adjustments can be set manually per individual product, or alternatively can be updated in bulk via CSV.

Learn how to set or change a starting adjustment for a product here.

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