Product adjustment troubleshooting

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Why is my product adjustment showing a material cost of zero?

First of all, you'll want to find out which type of adjustment this is: you'll find this under the Reason column.

Order Adjustments

If the adjustment was caused by an order, the most likely cause of a zero material cost is that your stock on hand on the date the order was shipped was zero or negative stock. You can check this by reviewing your adjustments before the date of the adjustment.

In the example below, only one product was made; however, two were sold after this point. On the 3rd of May, the stock on hand decreased to zero, so when the second order was shipped on the 4th, there was no stock on hand in the system to attribute, so it had a zero material cost.

To fix this, identify the missing manufacture and create this on the correct date. When the missing manufacture is added it will automatically recalculate all adjustments after this point and the order material cost will be correctly saved.

If your records indicate that there was enough stock on the shipped date for the order, then it may be due to an earlier manufacture having a zero value. See the section below about how to fix zero-cost manufacturing adjustments.

Manufacture Adjustments

If a Manufacture adjustment is zero, this usually means that there is a problem with your material inventory: either there was not enough of your material stock available at the point when the manufacture was created, or there was a problem in entering your unit prices. For the example below, the Manufacturer, on May 1, 2024, had a $0.00 material cost, which affected the shipped order on June 1, 2024, as all stock on hand on this date has a zero cost.

To fix this issue, first review the manufacturer by clicking on the edit icon and ensure that a) all materials are accounted for and b) unit prices for each are correct. If the unit prices are not correct, you'll need to review the inventory adjustment history for the material.

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