About perpetual inventory tracking

Craftybase is perpetual inventory software. Perpetual means that we calculate your stock on hand and inventory value constantly and in real-time. 

Our software differs from spreadsheets or basic accounting programs that calculate only when you manually stocktake; these are called periodic systems.

All stock changes in a perpetual system are recorded as stock adjustments. An increase in stock is a positive adjustment, and a decrease is a negative adjustment. You won't need to add these directly most of the time - adjustments in the right direction will be added automatically for you based on the actions you take. Adding an order, for example, will automatically create negative adjustments for the products you have sold.
Date Reason Product Change Cost
1 Jun Manufacture Large Blue Bag 3 $13.47
14 May Order Large Blue Bag 1 $12.27
7 May Order Large Blue Bag 1 $12.14
Craftybase then uses your entire stock history of adjustments to calculate your stock and cost for materials and products in your inventory at any given moment. 
As another example, material stock levels are calculated in the following manner:

All stock costs are calculated using rolling (moving) averages, providing you with highly accurate tax-ready inventory valuations for your COGS.
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