About contacts

Learn how to manage details on your customers and vendors

The contacts area is where you can keep records of both your customers and your vendors. You can associate a contact with Orders to see who your best customers are, and associate Vendors with Purchases to make a list of the businesses you purchase your materials from.


A Vendor is any company or individual you purchase materials or services from. Vendors can be added to the system as Contacts. When entering the new contact be sure to select Vendor from the drop-down Category menu.

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A Customer is any company or individual that you sell products to. Customers can be added to the system as a contact with a category of Customer. 

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View a list of all contacts

To find a list of all contacts (customers and vendors):

1. Hover your mouse over the  ⋮ menu in the top navigation bar

2. Select Contacts from the list that appears

Changing the category for an existing contact

Once the contact is created it is not possible to change it to a different category. 

If you do not have any purchases or orders associated with the contact you can delete the contact with the incorrect category and re-add it. Alternatively, if your contact is associated with any purchases or orders, you can recreate the contact and then merge it with the new contact. This will ensure all associations remain.

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