How do I delete an order?

Cancelling an order in Craftybase will permanently remove the order, so if you wish to retain records of the order then you may be best to process the order as cancelled instead.

1. Navigate to the order you wish to remove ( How do I view an Order?)

2. On the page that appears, click the ‎ ⋮ menu next to the title and select the Remove Order option from the menu that appears

3. Review the page that appears to ensure you wish to delete this order, then click the Yes, Delete button to confirm.

Tip: The Remove Order option can also be accessed via the quick menu on the order list view.

This action will immediately recredit all product stock linked to the order. If you have any expenses associated with this order, you will be asked which ones you wish to keep - these expenses will then be marked as unassociated.

Please note the order may reimport if the date range is selected for import in the future.
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