Connect Faire to Craftybase

Learn how Craftybase imports your Faire data.

This article will guide you through how to connect to Faire and what types of data we can import into your Craftybase account. Faire is an online wholesale marketplace connecting independent retailers and handmade brands.

Our Faire ➝ Craftybase integration allows you to import your products and orders from this integration so that you can be sure that your inventory levels are always automatically factoring in sales from this source.

Connect to Faire

To connect your Faire store to Craftybase, follow the directions in our help article: Connect your Faire Integration »

It is recommended that you always create your products on Faire where possible and then import them to create as products in Craftybase. This means that your external references will be correct from the start and you will not need to do any merging between your manually created products and imported ones.

Once your connection is successfully created, imports from Faire will occur automatically each day, at 5 am in your local time zone. If required, you can also run a manual import between the daily scheduled imports.

Faire Products

Your Faire product catalog will be imported as both Products and Listings in Craftybase. More details on the specific rules we apply can be found here: How does Craftybase import products from my Integrations?

If your Faire product already exists in Craftybase from a prior import and you have made changes on Faire since the import, no details will be changed on the linked product. If you need to make changes to the name, SKU, or description, this needs to be done via the bulk product update process.

If you have deleted a product in Faire, then we will create a "ghost product" in Craftybase for you to manage your inventory against. This product won't have any metadata included with it (description, images, etc) as it no longer exists in the Faire catalog feed.


Faire offers the ability to sell testers of your products. As testers are simply testable versions of your products and can have their own variations, they should be set up as their own unique products in Craftybase

Faire Orders

Our Faire integration will import all sales that have been created as Orders in Faire. Orders must be accepted by the brand before they can be processed and charged to the retailer. 

Order Changes, Updates, and Cancelations 

Orders can be changed up until the payment is initiated. If an order has been changed or updated after being imported into Craftybase, it will need to be removed and then reimported manually

During import, we will import all available orders within the set dates, including NEW orders that have not yet been accepted by the brand. Orders that are rejected and canceled while in the NEW state will be updated automatically.

The Order Status found on the Faire order will be used to set the payment and fulfillment status in Craftybase. The Fulfillment Status found on the Faire order will be used to set the shipment status in Craftybase.

Order Status Imported to Craftybase? Marked as Paid? Notes
NEW No No The order has not yet been accepted by the brand. Orders marked as NEW will not be imported.
PROCESSING Yes No The brand has accepted the order and is in the process of fulfilling it. Orders marked as PROCESSING will be imported.
PRE_TRANSIT Yes No The order has at least one shipment, but no shipments are in transit. Orders marked as PRE_TRANSIT will be imported, but no payment shipping info will be associated unless specified by the Faire feed.
IN_TRANSIT Yes No At least one of the shipments is in transit.
DELIVERED Yes No At least one of the shipments has been delivered.
BACKORDERED Yes No The brand did not have sufficient quantity to fulfill the order and will ship it when the items are back in stock. The original order is split, and the BACKORDERED order will be reimported back into Craftybase. The BACKORDERED order will be linked to the original order via the order Notes. 
CANCELED Yes No Orders canceled while in the NEW status will not be imported.  Orders canceled while in the PROCESSING status will be imported. 

Order Payments

We assume orders are paid in the retailer’s currency, but we display order currencies in the currency you have set in your Craftybase account.

In order to accommodate Faire's Net 60 payment terms, order payment statuses will be automatically updated within 60 days of the original order. Any payment updates that occur outside of 60 days will need to be updated manually.

Order Returns

Order returns are handled internally by Faire and will not be reflected in Craftybase.

A Note on Backordered Orders

  • When a full order cannot be fulfilled, you have the option to place a portion of the order on Backorder status. This will split the order into two orders; the original will be updated to contain the quantity that will be fulfilled now, and a second order will be created containing the remainder to be fulfilled later. 
  • Backordered orders will only be imported if the original order was imported. This is important to be aware of, especially when first connecting to Faire. If the original order is more than 60 days old, it will not be automatically imported, which means the back-ordered order will not be automatically imported. 
  • If a back-ordered order is missing due to the original order being outside of our automatic import timeline, a manual import will need to be performed for the date of the original order. (For example, if the original order date was June 1st, and today is Sept 3rd, you will need to run a manual import for June 1st in order to capture the original order and the backorder.)

Faire Fees

Our Faire integration will import Faire Payout and Commission fees, but will only be recorded when a Payout is complete. These will be imported as a single Purchase with separate purchase line items.

On imported Purchases, the Purchase Code will be the Faire order number and will be linked to the applicable order within Craftybase for easy tracking. 

Discounts and taxes associated with Faire orders will not be imported. 

Faire Variations

Faire variants will be automatically created as variations in Craftybase when a product import is performed. 

Each variant will be built using the data in the Faire feed. So if you were selling candles in two colors (White and Black) and in two sizes (5.5 oz and 8 oz), then Craftybase will build four candle variants for you: 5.5 oz White, 5.5 oz Black, 8 oz White, and 8 oz Black.

Faire Imports via Shopify

There has been a recent change regarding Faire orders imported via Shopify. Due to a deliberate modification, Faire orders will no longer be imported via Shopify. This adjustment was made to prevent duplicates if both integrations are connected.

If you have been affected by this change, we recommend connecting your Faire integration directly and then backdating a month to fetch any missing data. This will ensure that your Faire orders are properly accounted for in Craftybase.

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