Connect your Faire Store

Sales Channels are being renamed Integrations from February 2024. More details →

Follow the steps to connect your Faire account to Craftybase.

To connect your Faire account to Craftybase:

1. Navigate to the My Integrations section of the Integrations page on Faire.

2. Search for "craftybase" in the search box.

3. Select the Copy API Key option. If you cannot find this option for your account please contact Faire Integration Support ( and ask them for an API key to be generated for your Faire account to connect to Craftybase. 

2. Now return to your Craftybase Sales Channel page ( How do I find my Integration page? )

3. On the page that appears, scroll to the section for Faire, click on the textbox and add the API key you received from Faire, then press Connect.

5. Your key will then be authenticated and Faire will be added to your Integration list page.

Your first scheduled import will automatically run at approximately 5 am in your time zone. You can however import immediately from this integration by clicking the Fetch Now link if required.

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