About order shipping

Nominating a shipped date for an order

With most integrations, your orders will be automatically updated with the shipped date once the order has been marked as shipped within the channel. Manually created orders can be marked with a shipped date via the orders list view, or on the order edit page.

To update orders with the same shipping date in a bulk action, follow the instructions in this help article:

Can I bulk update paid / shipped status on orders?

To individually update a shipping date on an order, edit the order and then select the date from the Shipping Date field.

Note: If your order is imported from an integration that supports tracking shipped orders, your order will be automatically updated for you with the shipped date.

Adding shipping costs to an order

The cost of shipping can be added to an order. The total shipping amounts are then automatically proportioned to each order line item so that shipping totals can be factored into each product level profitability calculation.

Proportioning is calculated based on the total cost of each item in the order.

An order contains 3 items:

Blue Cushion = $10 

Red Cushion = $30

Green Cushion = $100

The total shipping applied to the order is $10.

As the Green Cushion’s total price represents 71% of the total item price of the order, the proportional shipping amount is calculated as 71% of $10 which is $7.14.

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