How do I add an Order?

To add a new Order:

1. Go to your Orders List page by clicking the Orders tab across the top of the page.

2. Click on the Add Order button in the top right hand corner of the page.

3. On the form that appears, enter a unique code for the order in the Order Code box or let Craftybase set one for you.

4. Enter your Customer name to find an existing customer in your contacts list. If this is a new customer, click the "+" to the right of the box and complete the details to add a new customer.

5. Once the Customer has been entered, the Delivery Address will have any saved addresses that have been imported or manually entered. Select one of the addresses from the drop-down menu or leave as No Delivery Address.

6. Enter the Order Date via the Calendar or manual entry.

7. The Manufacture Date, Shipped Date and Due Date can be entered now or updated at any time by editing the order.

8. Next, click the Add Order Item button to add your first line item to the order.

9. For the new order line that appears, select a product from your list by typing a search term into the Search Products box and then select the Variation Attributes (if you have any configured for the product). If you would like to add a new product instead, click the "+" button to the right of the search box and a form will appear.

10. Your unit price will be automatically populated from the Base Sale Price set for the product you have selected. You can also modify this to your actual sale amount here, along with the quantity sold. You'll notice that your total price for the order line item will be automatically calculated for you.

11. Repeat Steps 8 through 10 to add any additional items to the Order.

12. Next, enter any discounts, shipping or taxable amounts applicable to the order. Your default tax rate will be pre-populated into the form when it is loaded, however you can change this per order if need be.

13. Mark the order as paid if the order has been fully paid for. If not, leave unchecked and you can  change this later.

14. Select a Category for this order from the drop-down menu (this is optional). To add a new category, type the name of the category into the box that appears to the right of the selection box.

15. Add any additional information you would like to include on your Invoice in the Customer Message text box.

16. In the Notes text box, add any private notes about this order for your records only.

17. Finally, click the Save Order button to save the order and return to the Orders List page.

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