Accounting for hard to measure materials

If it is difficult or impossible to measure the material accurately via usage (i.e. thread, glue, paint), you might like to track it as a non-inventoriable material instead. This mean you would be direct expensing the entire cost of the material each time you purchase it. This method does mean that you won't be able to factor in the cost of the material to your recipe, so if you are using our pricing guidance feature you may wish to include some buffer for these types of materials via your overhead or markup configuration. 

If you however feel you can make a reasonable attempt to measure the amount used for each manufacture, then you can instead try to track as a inventoriable material and take an initial guestimate on your usage per manufacture.

Using this method, you'll want to regularly ensure that you include this material in your cycle count stocktakes to compare the amount on hand to your inventory levels. You can then either adjust your manufactures and recipes to better reflect your actual usage, or alternatively create a manual inventory adjustment to bring your stock on hand numbers in line with your on shelf quantities.

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