Material cost troubleshooting

Zero material unit costs 

Material unit costs are calculated from your starting adjustments and any stock changes made to the current date. 

If your unit cost of the material is zero, you'll want to review your adjustments history for the material to see if you can find the cause. The usual reasons for a zero cost situation are either that your material currently doesn't have any stock change history, or can be due to either a starting quantity of stock with a zero unit cost.

If you are adding in stock via a starting adjustment and this stock needs to be costed, when adding a material make sure you put in the cost per unit of the material in the right-hand box labeled "Average Actual Unit Cost".

If you are trying to add further quantities of existing material, make sure that you add in an expense for the material, and not just an adjustment. Adjustments, where you add stock to the system, will always be costed as zero as they cannot be accounted for. 

See the article How do I add an expense? for more information.

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