Add an address or attach a file to a contact


Learn how to add an address or attach a file to a contact in Craftybase.

Vendors and customers are added as contacts in Craftybase. Save important information, such as their address or files, to your contacts, so they're available when you need them.

To get started, click and choose Contacts in the main menu. Choose your contact from the list to see their details.

Add an address

To add a contact's address, click in the Addresses section. After entering their name and location, click Save Address.

If you need to edit the address, click Edit, make changes to the address, then click Save Address.

Attach a file

To add a file to a contact, click in the Attachments section. Enter a description, choose your file, then click Save Attachment.

When you need a copy, click to save the file to your computer.

Get help

If you're having trouble attaching a file to your contact, check if it exceeds the 6MB file limit or if it's an unsupported file format.

If you need more help saving additional information to your contact, ask Craftybase Support for help.

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