How can I calculate my total order refunds?

We cannot directly calculate your total order refunds due to the differences in how our sales channel integrations work in terms of refunds, exchanges and adjustments. On some sales channels the order is completely removed from the feed so will not be recorded as a refund. We recommend confirming your refunds figures directly from your external sales channel instead.

To calculate all order refunds recorded in Craftybase for a specific time period:

1. Download your Orders CSV for the period you need

2. Find the sum of the Grand Total column for all orders with a date in the Cancelled Date column. This will give you a total of all cancelled orders.

3. Find the sum of the Adjustment column for all orders without a date in the Cancelled Date column. This will give you a total of all adjustments made to non-cancelled (active) orders.

4. Add together the figures from step 2 and 3 to derive your total order refunds amount.

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