Import price points via CSV

Learn how to update multiple prices for a product via spreadsheet

To import price points for a Pricing Tier:

1. Navigate to your Pricing Tier page

2. Click on the Price Points tab

3. Click on the Download Product List button. This will generate a CSV file of all your products that you can open in your spreadsheet program of choice.

4. Set your prices for the tier in the tier_unit_price column and then export your file back into CSV.

5. Navigate back to the Price Points tab on the same Pricing Tier page and click the Import Data button.

6. Ensure that the columns match with the import data - most should be matched for you by default, however if you have used a different column for your prices in Step 4 you will need to nominate this column manually.

Note: Price Point management is available for subscribers on our STUDIO and INDIE plans only.

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