Connect your WooCommerce Integration

To connect your WooCommerce account with Craftybase:

1. Check that you have the correct WooCommerce configuration to connect.

2. Go to your Integrations page (How do I find my Integrations page?)

3. On the page that appears, click the Add Account button in the WooCommerce section.

4. Enter your WooCommerce Shop URL in the textbox that appears. It's best to copy this directly from your store URL to ensure that the correct address is used as redirects can cause issues with the authentication process and subsequent imports, especially if your WooCommerce shop uses HTTPS.

5. Click the  Connect button. This will take you through the authentication process on the WooCommerce side. If you are not already logged into Woo on your browser, you'll be asked to enter in your username/email and password. Note: this is performed completely on the WooCommerce servers, at no time can Craftybase see or read your login details.

6. Once logged in, you'll be presented with a page to confirm the connection between Woo and Craftybase. For your additional security, Craftybase requests only read access to your data - this will be shown on this page for you to review. To approve the connection, click the Approve button.

7. Once the connection has been made, you will be taken back to your Integration page and your WooCommerce account name will appear along with your next scheduled import. 

WooCommerce Requirements

To use WooCommerce with Craftybase you must be using:

  • WooCommerce 2.6+
  • WordPress 4.4+
  • Enabled REST API. To enable the REST API within WooCommerce, visit the WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Legacy API tab link and tick the Enable REST API checkbox.
  • Pretty Permalinks. To enable this visit Settings > Permalinks so that the custom endpoints are supported. Default permalinks will not work.
  • You can allow Craftybase access to your store with either HTTP or HTTPS, but HTTPS is recommended where possible.
  • A user that has the role of Shop Manager or Administrator

API User Role

In order for Craftybase to access WooCommerce, you must have a user in your WooCommerce store that has a role of  Shop Manager or Administrator which assigns API keys to Craftybase to access your WooCommerce store. The account you sign in to your WooCommerce store will most likely have the role of Administrator. If you wish, you can set up a new user in your WooCommerce store for Craftybase, assign this user a role of Shop Manager, and then use this account when authorizing Craftybase access.

When I connect to WooCommerce I receive "An error occurred in the request and at the time were unable to send the consumer data"

There are a few possible causes of this issue:

  • The most common cause of this problem is that your store is using WooCommerce version 3.5 or earlier. Make sure you upgrade to the latest WooCommerce version before installing our plugin.
  • Your store doesn’t have a valid HTTPS/SSL certificate. Make sure you install and activate one so our app can communicate with the WooCommerce API.
  • For the plugin to work WordPress needs to be installed at domain or subdomain level, not at page level. For example, say you’re developing a store for a client and you’re creating a mockup on . Our server will try to connect to the WooCommerce API at subdomain level, on  but the store is on . As an alternative, you can install the development store on the  subdomain, that will work.
  • Your website is password protected, or you’re using a “coming soon” or “site under construction” plugin that’s disabling public access to your store. This also disables API access and our app needs it to work.
  • You have a caching plugin on your store that strips the “Authorization” header. Try disabling your plugins one by one to find the one that’s causing the issue.

Important: As this pertains to the configuration of your web server and/or other WordPress plugins, Craftybase cannot provide support in these cases. You can try the suggestions below at your own risk. Please always consult with a web developer when making configuration changes.

In some cases, doing the following might help (some may not apply to you):

  • Review the configuration of your caching plugin and look for settings that pertain to caching or not caching headers
  • Generate a new, valid LetsEncrypt certificate for your subdomain on the server level
  • Remove the Cloudflare CDN Proxy from the Subdomain (i.e. having it point directly to the IP)
  • Switch the WooCommerce Theme to “Storefront” just for the connection
  • Adding the following to your .htaccess  file:
SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

How to send a System Status report

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Status.
  2. Troubleshoot using the info below, before opening a ticket at Woo Support.
  3. Click Get System Report and then Copy for support to copy/paste it into your Support Request. The information included will help our support team narrow down the issue much more quickly.

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