About Etsy custom orders

There are a few options when handling a custom listing that has been imported from Etsy:

1.  Edit the order to add the correct products that were sold and archive the product. This can be done as long as the quantity of line items sold is reflected within the custom order. 

For example: The custom order was for 1 custom shirt and 1 custom headband for a total of 2 items. You could then edit these 2 line items and add the correct product that was sold. However, if the custom listing was for a "Custom Set" but within Craftybase the items sold are separate products then you would not be able to add additional line items and you would need to pick one of the other 2 options below.

2. Cancel the order and then manually recreate it with the correct line items. 

3. Leave the order as is and then add negative stock adjustments for the items your customer purchased. Although this option will not calculate COGS on the order itself, COGS total for the year will be correct as this order has shipped already and is already factored in via material stock reduction when you create your manufactures.

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