Handling service fees

Any services you charge for in addition to your made products can be tracked by creating a product for the item - this will enable you to add the service charge to your order as a line item.

You may notice that the stock count for your service product will become a negative number as you add this to orders. This does not effect any costings or inventory valuations as your COGS will always be zero for these products. You can however optionally add an adjustment or a manufacture with no cost to bring this back to zero.

Note: The profitability estimates of your manufactured products in the same order will be impacted, as shipping, tax and discounts will be calculated proportionally to include the value of the service charge.

If your order is imported from an Integration, you will not be able to add this product as an order line item. You can however copy the order and then delete the imported one to enable editing if need be.

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