About order traceability

Learn how to configure your manufactures and orders to create full traceability of your products through sales.

Our traceability features can be used to track the products you make through to the exact customer you sold them to. You can further expand on this traceability by tracking your materials from purchase through to manufacture: thus creating a complete history of purchase through to sale.

Available Plans: Indie+

Associating manufactures with orders

To link a manufacture with an order line item:

  1. Navigate to your Order page by clicking on the order code on your Orders list page.

  2. Click on the Manufactures tab.

  3. You'll see a list of all line items within the order on the page that appears. A search box for each will appear in the Manufactures column. You can search for manufactures by code, or click the + icon at the end of the textbox to add a new manufacture for this product/variation.
  4. Click the Save Manufactures button to save the links.

Linking a manufacture with an order line item will not change how material costings are applied to the order. These costings will still use the rolling average calculated from all adjustments for the product/variation.

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