About the Purchase to Tracking Unit Conversion feature

Learn how your purchase amounts automatically convert into your tracking units

Your Purchase to Tracking Unit Conversion allows you to nominate the number of  tracking units that are in a single purchase unit. This information allows Craftybase to be able to calculate the correct amount to increase your stock by when you add a new purchase and enter the purchase quantity.

EXAMPLE 1: If you track in grams but purchase in kilograms then you should add a conversion of 1 kilograms = 1000 grams. If you then add a new purchase of 2 kilograms, this will automatically increase your stock on hand by 2000 grams.

EXAMPLE 2: Say you purchase vinyl in sheets and each sheet is 6"x12". You need to figure out what your conversion would be between your sheet and your sq inch manufacturing unit. For each single sheet you purchase, you will want your quantity to increase by 72 sq inches (6 x 12) as this is the number of sq inches in a sheet. This would be the number you should use for Tracking Unit Conversion.

Some common conversions are supported by Craftybase (e.g. ounces to pounds), so you will find that this box will  automatically populate if the conversion can be done. For non convertable units, you will need to define this manually.

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