How is profitability calculated for an order?

Your profitability area shows you a summary of revenue, expenses and your estimated profit margin for the order.

Gross Revenue: This is the total ex tax amount taken for the Order.

Expenses: This total shows you the total amount for all non material expenses linked to the Order (How do I add an Expense to an Order?).

Material Cost: This is the total material cost attributed to the Order. For more information, please see How is the Order Material Cost Calculated?

Estimated Internal Labor: Your internal labor costs are assumed to be factored out as salary, dividends or other out of your total profit, rather than a set amount per order. However, if you would like to still see an estimation of internal labor costs on your profitability, you can switch this setting on by following the instructions outlined here: How do I include estimated internal labor in my order profit margins?

Gross Profit: This is the amount left after expenses and material costs are removed from your ex tax revenue for the order. Overheads and labor are not included in this tally.

Gross Margin: Your estimated profit margin for this order based on the Gross Profit calculated.

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