Associating purchases

Learn how to link materials, products, and orders with your purchases.

Our Expenses feature is being renamed to Purchases from 21 June 2023. More details

Purchase line item can optionally be associated with Products and/or Orders to create more fine-grained profitability breakdowns.

How to associate

To associate an existing purchase line item via the purchases page:

  1. Click on the Purchases tab in the top navigation bar
  2. On the list page that appears, select the Purchase Line Items tab. This will show you a view of your purchases by their line items.
  3. Click the Associate... link for any purchases you wish to associate

  4. In the form that appears, select the product and/or order you wish to associate the line item
  5. Click the Associate button to confirm the linkage and return to the list view.

This option is available only for unassociated non-material purchases.

To an existing purchase line item association via the order view page:

  1. Navigate to the order containing the purchase line item you wish to edit.
  2. Click on the Purchases tab within the order page.
  3. Hover over the ⋮ menu next to the applicable purchase, and click Edit.
  4. Click the Edit Associations link. 
  5. In the form that appears, select the product and/or order you wish to associate the line item
  6. Click the Associate button to confirm the linkage
  7. Click the Save button to confirm the changes to the purchase.

This option is available only for non-material purchases.

Associating purchases with orders

Purchases can be attached to an order – this allows you to track all non-material* costs that the order has generated, such as postage.

To add a purchase to an order:

  1. Go to your Orders list page and select the order you wish to add the purchase to.
  2. On the order details page, click the Purchases tab.
  3. Click the Add Purchase button. This will take you to a new Purchase form, with the order already attached to the purchase line item.
  4. Set the category to the closest one that matches your purchase, and add the price and any notes you wish to make.
  5. Complete the rest of the Purchase form, then click the Save button to save the expense.

Associating purchases with products

To add a purchase for a product:

  1. From the product list page, click on the product you wish to add a purchase for
  2. On the product detail page, click on the Purchases tab
  3. On the page that appears, click on the Add Purchase button. This will take you to your Add New Purchase page with the product purchase item already added.
  4. Add the details for the purchase, including the category and unit price for the purchase line item and then click the Save Purchase button.
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