Troubleshooting Etsy Imports

How to troubleshoot importing products, listings, orders and fees from Etsy

Having trouble getting your Etsy data imported into Craftybase? Here's a few things you can try yourself!

Listings are not importing

If you cannot locate one or more of your listings from an import, this may be due to listings having identical titles at the time of import. We match on title via our import process and create new products only when we find unique titles, so you may find multiple listings under one product if they have the same name.

To check that this is the case, navigate to your Product Listing tab and then view the listings located in this list. From here, if you find your listing and you wish to move it from this product to a different one, you can follow the process outlined here:  How do I move a Listing to a new Product?

If you cannot find it this way, then you can use the search on your Listings page - this page accepts Listing IDs via the search box on the right-hand side of the page.

If you still cannot locate your Listing, please feel free to  get in touch with our support team and they will investigate this further for you. If you can also provide Listing IDs for your missing items this will help us locate it faster for you.

My imported Etsy order is showing the wrong product

If a listing is changed on Etsy to represent a different product, imported orders will use the same Listing ID to display product information. This can result in order items importing incorrectly as Craftybase uses the unique Listing ID to match products to sales.

It is against Etsy TOS to reuse a listing for a different product, so it is recommended to ensure that you create a new listing for each separate product you make. Alternatively, if the product is similar to one you already sell, you could use Etsy Variations to track small differences.

In cases where listings might be associated with the wrong product upon import, we recommend verifying and adjusting the listings and orders manually. To correct this, you will need to move a listing to the correct product by following the steps found here: How do I move a listing to a new product?

My Craftybase totals are not matching Etsy

Etsy lists all takings in the currency the order was placed in, which is normally USD. If you have selected to track your Craftybase account in a different currency, we  automatically currency convert all totals for you using European Central Bank historical exchange rates which do fluctuate through the year.

We also display revenue differently to Etsy in that we include shipping and tax in our main "Gross Revenue" tallies - Etsy however commonly removes both shipping and tax from the Revenue total that they display on the Shop Stats page.

For sales counts, we tally all items sold, including quantity, rather than individual orders.

Etsy closes its monthly billing cycle at 12:00AM on the 1st of every month in UTC time, so any charges generated after this cutoff are included in the next month's bill. 

As we import charges as they are generated, we will display the charges in the month that they are generated, so in some cases, if you have generated fees near the cutoff, you'll find that the totals will not match exactly with Etsy's tally for that month.

I have duplicate listings between Etsy and Shopify

If you're getting duplicated orders between your Etsy and Shopify integrations, this is likely happening because you are importing one Integration via another (ie, you're importing Etsy into Shopify). To remedy this, you will want to either disconnect one of your Integrations from Craftybase, so it only pulls from the one that is getting orders from both, or you will want to disconnect the Integrations from each other.

To delete orders that have been duplicated, learn how to remove an order.

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