About Craftybase

Craftybase is a perpetual inventory and bookkeeping application designed specifically for small manufacturing businesses.

Our features allow you to:

  • Tally your revenue and expenses
  • Keep real-time inventory totals for both products and raw materials
  • Track your orders, expenses, customers and products
  • Calculate your COGS and inventory asset values for tax time
  • Price your products accurately based on their material value and your labor
  • Keep full traceability records for GMP and CSPC

As we are an inventory tracking program as well as a revenue and expense tracker, we can provide much more detail to your bookkeeping in terms of usage of raw materials and manufacture costs than traditional accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero or GoDaddy.

Craftybase is completely web-based software, meaning you can access our features anywhere and all data is stored and backed up securely in the cloud.

It is recommended that you seek the guidance of a financial advisor before using Craftybase in order to prepare tax or financial reports - requirements can differ based on your company structure and location of business.

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