Accounting for external manufacturing steps

If your product is completely manufactured by an external party, your products should not be considered handmade for the purposes of using Craftybase. While it is possible to track non-handmade items in Craftybase, we are designed specifically for in-house manufacturing so the workflow is not as optimal. Details on potential workarounds can be found here: 

I don't make my products, will Craftybase work for me?

External sub-step manufacturing

Some steps in your manufacturing process may involve external services (such as electroplating).

If you perform the plating yourself in-house, then you should be able to include this process in your products via components

Using this approach, you'll take an un-electroplated material and add the plating materials to manufacture an electroplated version of the material - this will then allow you to create a mechanism to consume the plating materials.

If you send the material to be plated externally, this generally should not be included in your COGS so would be recorded as an indirect (non-material) purchase instead - you can optionally link the electroplating purchase to the product / order that has been plated to better factor this cost into your profitability calculations.

Note: This article should be considered a general guide only. Please ask your financial adviser for specific details on how you should track your sub-process external costs as exact advice can differ between countries and states.

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