Why do some of my Square products have a Regular variant?

If you don't have variants for your Square products, Square will create a default variant on your behalf and assign this to your order. This is usually given the name of "Regular" but in some cases can be titled "Default". This Square feature means that our import process will replicate the variation structure and assign your orders automatically from Square to a variation in Craftybase called "Variant: Regular".

Unfortunately, the default behaviour we can't currently reliably anticipate and work around on our end as the default variant can be renamed and used as a valid variation at any point in time. 

There are two options to handle this: 

1. Ensure that all manufactures and adjustments are also for the default variation so that your stock levels remain in the one place. 

2. Manually edit all orders imported from Square and remove the unwanted variant information so that the order is associated to the product only. This can be done by setting all variation attributes back to "Select Variant".

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