Accounting for curing times

If you produce products that require curing or aging time after manufacture, you can consider tracking your products as components - this will allow you to manufacture the uncured product initially as a sub-part and keep it in your material inventory. When the curing time has completed, you can then manufacture the product itself to bring it into your product stock.

This tracking approach is similar to the structure required for product bundling.

Alternatively, you can consider adding a negative inventory adjustment to reduce your stock while it is in the curing phase. 

This will allow you to temporarily reduce your stock on hand for the product but still enable you to create the manufacture in order for your raw material inventory to be correctly represented. In order to better track which products currently have stock removed for curing, you could also consider categorizing these adjustments (i.e. "curing") so that they appear on your Product Adjustment Report.

Note: As this stock will be removed from your inventory values using this approach, it is important that these adjustments are manually added back into your end-of-year calculations if any products are curing over your financial year-end.

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